June 21, 2015

Two reviews of our new album are out, both giving a beautiful score of 4 on 5. Discover the first one on the French website Music Waves and the second one, on the Canadien website Jerry Lucky. Thanks to both reviewers for the real great comments! The reviews have been added to the Reviews section.

5 videos of our show at the Terra Incognita 2014 convention are now available on YouTube and in our videos section. You will discover two pieces of the new album, Fuite d'Attention and Le Jour de la Nuit. Thanks to Stéphane Pellerin who filmed all 5 videos!

All Néodyme's albums are now available in store. A big thank you to Eric Belisle who keeps in stock our music in his store Disques et rubans international in Drummondville.

Here are some quick links where to buy the new album!

March 28, 2015

Néodyme's new album, La signature du temps (The time signature), is out now! Check out the new page dedicated to the album where you can listen to some pieces and discover more about it. It is available in CD and in digital download. Don't hesitate to contact us to get a copy, it will be our pleasure to send it to you for 15$ including shipping cost.

Some of the band members will be in Quebec City at the 11th Terra Incognita convention Saturday, May 16 2015, to promote the new album and meet some fans.

February 12, 2015

We are pleased to announce that we have just completed the production of our new album untitled : La signature du temps.

The mixing and mastering steps have stretched longer than desired due to serious health problems in Daniel's life since summer 2014. Step by step and no mather how difficult the situation is, we succeeded in completing this little marvelous piece of art.

Unfortunatly, no live CD launching is scheduled since Daniel cannot play drums. This new music will be available soon on CD and for digital download. It will be possible to get it at the same places as usual (CDBaby, iTunes, etc).

Again, Néodyme continues exploring musical genres with this new release filled with our own signature. The sound production has again improved in quality and the performance of each member is at its best!

A review of our show at the 2014 Terra Incognita convention is available in the Reviews section under Media.

On a real positive note, we wish to welcome Samuel, Mathieu and Mylène's newest born baby! Sam arrived Wednesday morning on January 28th 2015.

August 02, 2014

A review of Le Guetteur is now available on the Canadien website Jerry Lucky, an excellent place for fans of progressive music. Thanks to Jerry for its great comments which are available on the Reviews section under Media.

Néodyme is working hard on its new album. Recording is completed and 2 pieces are now mixed.